What is “Actual Cash Value” vs “Replacement Cost Value” in property insurance?

When you’re purchasing an insurance policy for your property you will likely be given many different choices provided by different carriers. Deductibles, coverage amounts, and annual premiums will all vary in different ways. But, it’s important to know how the value of the damage will be measured when its time for your insurance carrier to

Mold Damage: Are You Covered?

Mold is one of the most stressful things you can find in your home. It is stinky, can cause major damage to your house’s structure, and can even threaten your health. Many people don’t think about the potential for mold until they’re confronted with it, but it’s a very real issue, especially here in Florida

Appraisal Appeals FAQ

When you buy a homeowners insurance policy, you expect that if anything happens to your property, you will be compensated fairly by your insurance company. But sometimes the claim settlement that the company offers you falls radically short of what you were expecting and sometimes a claim that seems completely reasonable is denied. When these

Five Documents You’ll Need at Your Examination Under Oath

Whenever you file an insurance claim, your insurance company typically conducts an investigation. They do this for several reasons — to uncover fraud, but also to find ways they might be able to reduce the claim or deny it completely on a technicality. It’s also likely that part of their motivation is making the process

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