Mold Damage: Are You Covered?

Mold is one of the most stressful things you can find in your home. It is stinky, can cause major damage to your house’s structure, and can even threaten your health. Many people don’t think about the potential for mold until they’re confronted with it, but it’s a very real issue, especially here in Florida where water damage occurs so frequently from incidents like hurricanes.

Home insurance policies are often unclear as to what extent of mold coverage they provide. Sometimes mold damage is mentioned as an exclusion and sometimes it can only be covered as a part of a larger water damage claim.

In general you will find wording that states mold issues are only covered if they stem from an already-covered peril. So if mold appears as a result of a flood from a broken water heater, it would be covered, whereas if it simply begins appearing on the ceiling or develops after a small leak that you didn’t think was important, it wouldn’t.

You also must consider that repairing mold damage can be extremely expensive. It can cost fifteen- to thirty-thousand dollars to fix, while most homeowner’s policies cap how much they’ll cover at one- to ten-thousand.

When mold becomes an issue in your home, a basic homeowner’s insurance policy may simply not be enough. Since Florida is considered a mold-prone area, it is wise to look for an additional rider for this coverage. Unfortunately, because of our state’s propensity for mold, this rider can be more expensive here than it would be elsewhere.

Whether or not you have insurance for mold, it is best to do what you can to prevent this problem from ever occurring. We recommend:

  • Using a dehumidifier
  • Cleaning out your gutters frequently
  • Bleaching your bathroom frequently
  • Checking crawl spaces for dampness
  • Installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom and/or kitchen
  • Keeping your pipes and appliances in good condition
  • Avoiding letting water accumulate anywhere in your home
  • Avoiding installing carpets in damp rooms

If you encounter an issue with mold and need help filing a claim or determining whether or not your covered, the team at Watson et Barnard, PLLC can help. We have extensive experience tackling insurance issues on behalf of our clients. We even offer a free consultation and a free on-site inspection to assess your damages. Contact us today!

Christopher WatsonMold Damage: Are You Covered?


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